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Top Paid Freelancing Job for Youth in 2022

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Freelancing is a self-employed profession in which you charge a person or a firm for doing their work. After lockdown, everyone tends to work from home, and in freelancing, we can work from home and the best part in that is you aren’t working under anyone, you are your boss and your employee.

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It’s not easy to earn the venture from the unknown world of freelancing, but after learning some skills you can get money for your spending and the most important is experience. If you know any of the skills required for the following jobs, you can continue freelancing as your side income and if you are enjoying doing it, then after 2-3 years it’ll pay up to your current job then you can switch it as your profession.

College students who want some bucks for their needs and they won’t feel good to ask for money from their parents, then they can also start this and experience of this work will also be helpful in their college placements and their further career.

So, here are the top paid freelancing jobs and for that which skill you’ve to learn:

Software Developer

In the future, most of the jobs are related to coding because mainly hard work is done by robots, so if you don’t know this skill it will affect your earnings. By knowing HTML, CSS, Java, you can heavily charge your clients for making or updating their website and similarly in android development.

As of now, if you know how to code you’ll get most of the highly paid job and freelancing opportunities. To learn coding, there are plenty of videos on youtube, and a dedicated app for learning coding is also available like udemy, skillshare, and upGrad. You can find a coding freelancing job on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, 99design, etc.

Content Writer

It is the combination of three works: first plan it, then write it, and then edit it. If you’re good at searching and explaining the term then this is best for you, just think from your mind. Under content writing, so many categories are there like Email newsletters, web page copy, video description, etc.

For learning this skill you need to practice it more, learn the format of writing from anyone's video, and then all work depends on your imagination. If you’re interested in this you can find work on Internshala,, Truelancer, etc, and generate a worthy amount.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing is the craft where an individual creates visual content to communicate the message attractively. From a content creator to running a business everyone needs graphic designers to enhance the quality of their content. So, that’s why it is one of the highest-paid freelancing jobs.

To learn graphic designing you need to be creative and need to know the importance of color, shape, size, typography etc. and learn software like Adobe Photoshop. You can learn this skill from any of the platforms like skillshare and udemy. You can find the work for websites like and Fiver.


Transcription is the term used for work in which listening to the recorded audio or video you need to write what you hear from word to word. This job has more scope if you know one of the foreign languages along with English. The content creator from that language will hire you to transcribe his video audio into the English caption so that more people can understand his video, and you will get more stipend as compared to normal transcribing.

For this work, you need to only learn fast typing so that you can save your time. You can find this work from any social media creator or by searching on the search engine you’ll find many of the ads related to transcribing.

Social Media Management

A person with good taste in posting an attractive post is perfect for this freelancing job. This role requires creativity and knowledge about various social media platforms.

To upgrade this skill you’ll find the courses on Coursera, skillshare, and udemy. You can also find this work by cold emailing the companies and by also searching it in Google you’ll find many of them who are looking for freelancers for social media management.

Video Editor

Now every social media platform is shifting to video content, so now there is more need for video editors, and by learning this skill you’ll easily find the job from video creators, either they make reels or youtube videos you’ll find it.

You can do video editing from software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, OpenShoot, and DaVinciResolve and learn it by exploring them. You can find video editing work on Fiverr and upwork.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is considered marketing by electronic devices and the internet. It always connects their customer to their business by seeing consumer interest from search history. By learning digital marketing essentials like SEO, PPC advertising, management skills you can excel in this domain. You can learn digital marketing from any source like skillshare and udemy. You can find the work related to digital marketing on Linkedin, upwork, Fiverr, Internshala, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

In this you can share the specific link provided from the companies like Amazon, udemy, meesho, Zerodha, etc. if anyone clicks it to use that service or download the app, you will earn 5% of the specified price. Most Influencers and content creators suggest some product to their audience and they are doing the same affiliate marketing. If you have a strong social network you should try this, for this, you need to learn only to convince people to use that service.

Online Tutoring

A person who loves to teach or his passion is to train young minds then online tutoring is a great place to get started. It is simple, convenient and flexible by which we can earn money. There is plenty of software to upload your videos and teach them. Here online tutoring doesn’t mean only teaching school academics to students, but you can also teach cooking lessons to fintech lessons to your audience through many platforms like skillshare and youtube. You can find online tutoring jobs on a website like and

You need to be the best in your work to get the highest-paid freelancing job in any sector. You should learn those needed skills and try to charge less in starting to know your mistakes and get to work easily. In all these scenarios you need to start first, and when you get started you will begin to not just earn money but also gain valuable experience which will be useful to increase your demand after every work and your demand will automatically increase your earnings.

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