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Top 10 Trending Sports Among YOUTH

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

If we are playing any one of our favorite games, not only are we likely to reduce our body fats and gain some fitness but it also reduces the risk of any disease like diabetes, obesity, and some cancers. Our overall well-being and mental health are also likely to improve.

In this lockdown, a lot of youth is forgotten to play physical games with their friends. They all engage in scrolling through social media, playing video games, watching TV, taking online classes, all this will affect the health and fitness of the younger generation. This sedentary nature of their lifestyle will bring laziness and non-activeness in their life.

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Physical games are always very refreshing and entertaining. So, let’s take a look at the most popular games among youth to try them out:


It is commonly known as soccer, the sport with most of the fan following in every part of the world. Football makes your body feel more endurance and agility. Coordinating with the ball to save it from other players, improves our focus, to tackle real-life problems. In this game we don’t only play with our feet, you have to use your whole body coordination to excel at it, like the lower body used to pass and tackle the ball and the upper body is used to balance and hold off the opponent.

It increases the strength and stamina of your body, thanks to continuous running.

According to a study, a football player runs 10km in a 90 minutes game, and as we know running is the best way to maintain fitness. It works on our thighs and abs to strengthen them. Sports like football not only strengthen your physical fitness but also mental fitness as well, without being determined with your mind you will never be able to coordinate with your body.


Most popular sport in parts of Canada, where leagues like NBA and Euroleague have craze all over the world. If you want to increase your height in the early stages, start playing basketball. As you know, a player has to jump more than a few times in a minute, so it stretches our muscles and lengthens our bones to provide height to your body.

It also helps to boost heart health and lower our stress, as playing basketball increases the resting heart rate which has a positive impact on your cardiorespiratory fitness. Your body also releases hormone-like endorphins which help us to reduce stress and are known as the feel-good hormone.


This sport has a huge fan base in countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and West Indies and mostly in Southeast Asia(where the Britishers had ruled). The cricket league IPL(Indian Premier League) is the most popular sports league in Asia and the 4th most popular in the world. This game helps you to build team skills, social skills. It also improves your hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills.

Players playing this sport are found to have more stamina and endurance than people who are inactive. Coordination of all body parts is important in this game, from eyes to your feet. It will also help to improve your focus.


Both field and ice hockey are popular in some particular regions like field hockey is popular in Australia, the UK, India, and ice hockey is popular in USA and Canada. Hockey helps to improve the endurance and stamina of the player. It also helps to cure breathing problems.

It is a cardiovascular exercise whether you’re skating or running, your body benefits from it. Hockey increases the speed of players and also helps to reduce fats because of continuous running.


This sport is played with the racket where players have to hit the ball to the other player without missing it. It can be played by two players(known as single) and four players(known as double). There are four major tournaments played in a year: the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. It can be played on hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts.

If we talk about fitness, tennis not only provides physical fitness but also provides mental and social benefits as well. This game consumes a lot of energy and especially in rallies so be sure to hydrate your body from time to time.


It is a team game with usually six players on each side. Team coordination is the most important skill that you should learn from this game. Some sports have some serious injury issues from their equipment but volleyball doesn’t have that much except hamstring, wrist sprains, and finger fracture.

There is also part of volleyball played on the beach known as beach volleyball. Volleyball is a sport for those who don’t like running, It’s a game with skill without so much running.


Baseball remains a staple youth activity around the world. This game is played with bat and ball and has a square-shaped pitch to take a run. It is most popular in the US, Canada, Japan, etc. It also has some popular tournaments like the national league and American League.

It has the same fundamental rule from a century, this indicates how rich is that sport based on its simplicity and rules. It helps to increase hand-eye coordination and running, catching, swinging a bat, throwing the ball. All these reflexes work on every part of your body to be fit and healthy.


Another game played with the help of a racket is a short 3 sets of 21 points and an interesting game with a lot of reflexes to do on the court. It is most popular in East Asia, Japan, India, China, Indonesia, etc. Its most popular tournament is the BWF World Championship. It’s a strategic game with a lot of moves that are taken from the mind like where to serve, where to smash, how to return every play is a pre-planned process, so it improves your thinking and makes you a smart, tricky lad.

As far as fitness is concerned, it improves your muscle strength making you strong and fit. It also helps to reduce stress and improves the functionality of the heart. It also increases the breath capacity of your lungs.


Golf is more than a game, it improves physical and mental fitness. It is an active game with less injury-prone than contact sports. It is fun to play and encourages friendship and business opportunities. In some places, if you’re good at golf your chances of a business deal being confirmed will increase.

It’s a great way to experience nature with fun. This game has no age restriction. Anyone can play this sport because you just have to hit the ball and walking and running aren’t that much because of a golf cart. It helps you to reduce stress and improve focus.

Whichever sport we play, we start relating it with our life, and we know how to score in that sport so it will also help us to do well in our life. Every sport teaches you teamwork and coordinating with players, hard work and that’s the best part of the sport, you are building your fitness and learning some valuable life lessons while having a joyful experience. Every sport helps you to reduce stress and spend your valuable time with your friends and competitors.

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