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Top 10 Sports Centers in India

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Sports infrastructure is an important and integral part of any country’s sports ecosystem. Let's take a look at some of the best and most impressive sports stadiums in India that will make any Indian proud.

As a young sports nation, India engages in a combination of sports. 'Gulli danda' to play hockey and host international cricket sports stadiums are developed in India every year. Besides hockey and cricket, India is also home to the second-largest football stadium in the world.

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The Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata is a legendary football stadium that has hosted the likes of Pelé, Maradona, and more recently Lionel Messi. More recently, a world-class multipurpose sports stadium is also being developed to boost Olympic sports in India.

The sports stadiums of each country reflect the high value it places on sports culture. India in particular has many world-class sports stadiums hosting many national and international sports competitions.

Buddh International Circuit:

Buddh International Circuit, India's first motor racing track. This is also the venue for the annual Formula One Indian Grand Prix, Situated in Noida. It has a capacity of 120,000 seats. Unfortunately, Formula One races do not count the Buddh International Circuit as a venue in their calendar. 2014 was the last official F1 race to be organized at this iconic racing track.

HPCA Stadium:

Imagine playing Cricket at an altitude of 1457m with Himalayan mountains in the background. Situated in Dharamshala, the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association stadium could make your wish come true.

Indira Gandhi Stadium:

Indira Gandhi Stadium was built as the largest indoor sports arena in India and is also the third-largest in Asia. In addition to sports events such as tennis and Kabaddi, various political and music events are also held here. It was refurbished in 2010 during the Commonwealth Games at Rs 240 crore. The venue also hosted WWE's first live event in 13 years in India. Many athletes from all over India come here to compete in the national games and also to get a glimpse.

Salt Lake Stadium:

Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, AA Yuva Bharati Krirangan is a 68,000 capacity multi-purpose stadium. Before its renovation in 2011, it was the second-largest Ahmedabad football stadium in the world with a capacity of 1,20,000. As one of the venues for the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 final game. The 1997 derby between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal recorded 1,31,000, the highest number of visitors for a game in India. This venue also hosted the SAF Games in 1 and various national athletics events in India.

JRD Tata Sports Complex:

The JRD Tata Sports Complex, a stadium in Jamshedpur, is currently used for football and athletics competitions. There are athletes the opportunity to go onboard to train and participate in competitions, in the same sand. It is also home to the Tata Chess Center and the Tata Archery Academy. One of the best sports stadiums in India.

GMC Balayogi Stadium:

GMC Balayogi, based in Hyderabad, is named after a former Loksabha spokesman. Not only did it host the 2003 Afro-Asian Games, but it also hosted a Guinness World Records event in 2010. 2,800 Kuchipudi artists set a world record by performing a centuries-old dance form.

This is considered a modern stadium with 8 lanes of athletics competition lanes and 4 lanes of practice lanes. All tracks are synthetic. It also features high mast lighting for day and night events, providing an unobstructed view.

Shilaroo Hockey Stadium: The Shimla Shilaroo Hockey Stadium is located 50 km from the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is the highest terrain in India with a height of 2,500.

The Sports Authority of India has built this center for athletes so that they can consume more oxygen during training at these altitudes. This would improve their abilities by giving them a better advantage. Many international players do it.

Transstadia Stadium:

Transstadia is situated in Ahmedabad Is a stadium built on fundamental principles of sports, community, economics, and legacy. It is a unique international venue and a public-private partnership project. It uses a globally patented technology. This converts an exterior stage into an internal arena in 6 minutes, into a button. Kabaddi World Cup 2016 happened here recently. It is India’s first convertible stadium. It powerfully shows the long-run sports infrastructure in India and therefore the value of sports stadiums in India.

Trivandrum International Stadium:

Trivandrum in Ahmedabad is a stadium built on the basic principles of sport, community, economy, and heritage. The first stage of using the DBOT (Design, Build, Operate, Transfer) model was used on toll road projects. The authorities built it following international FIFA standards and ICC standards. It hosted the 2015 SAFF Championship. India became the champion.

Narendra Modi Stadium:

Narendra Modi’s construction is the biggest cricket stadium in India. earlier, it had been known as Motera stadium. within the year 2019, it was renamed Narendra Modi stadium. made at a calculable price of Rs 800 crore, the stadium has an area of over sixty-three acres. Motera stadium surpassed the Melbourne cricket ground that contains a capacity of around 90,000.

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