Why it is high-time to understand the importance of physical fitness?

Updated: Mar 15

Fitness can be achieved by right nutrition, moderate-vigorous exercise and proper rest. Often people ignore the importance of rest in the process but rest is as important as the sugar in the cake. A healthy person sleeps an average of 8 hours a day.

Getting fit is a time-taking and tough process. One needs patience to walk through the road.

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Some benefits of fitness are as follows:

1. Controlling Blood Pressure and making the heart stronger

Fitness is scientifically proven to control the Blood Pressure. When a person is engaged in a physical activity or exercise it increases his/her blood pressure and when he rests the pressure lowers. This also relaxes the arteries and veins and thus makes the heart stronger.

2. Decreases the risk of heart attack

Regular exercises makes the arteries and veins of the heart strong. And proper diet with the minimum of fast food and fried food ensures no blockage in the heart. Thus reducing the risk of heart attack. So to prevent heart attack one must regularly exercise and eat good food.

3. Staying Energetic throughout the day

A person who wakes up early and exercises in the morning is tend to feel energetic the whole than the person who doesn’t see the morning sun. And also it is seen the more the person eats oily and junk food the more bored he feels so junk food should be avoided to stay fit. So to be energetic the whole day you should rise before the sun and exercise!!

4. Self confidence

A fit person is tend to be more attractive than an obese or an underweight person. The more fit you are, you will receive more self-confidence and hence higher response

5. Higher Productivity and focus

Increased physical fitness helps in improved focus which helps in higher productivity across range of activities in a day.

As the saying goes, only 20% of fitness is achieved via exercises rest 80% comes through the diet. Proper eating is one of the most important aspects in our daily life. Our diet should be rich in protein carbohydrates and fats. Regular eating of fast foods like burgers and pizzas can increase the risk of heart attack. To remain fit a person should eat nutritious food like veggies, eggs, milk and fruits. Sugar and junk food should be avoided.

One of the best thing you can do is track our daily calorie intake. You should not eat more than your TDEE(total daily energy expenditure) if you are eying for a weight loss. Example if your TDEE is 2400 calories then eat less than 2400 calories if you are going for a weight loss.

There are different factors to check your fitness level and one of the most suitable method is BMI(Body Mass Index). If your BMI is above 25 then you need to get serious about fitness. You can check your BMI by any of the online calculators available of on the internet.

Now, that you now how much effect physical fitness has on your body, we know you will surely exercise and eat healthy. All the best!! Happy exercising.

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