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How Sports Improves Your Fitness

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Playing sports can help people get a fit body by helping in many aspects such as development of muscle, loss in weight, and reduction of the accumulated body fat. Physical activity is associated with a whole lot of controlling and regulation like that of lymphatic system, blood circulation system, hormonal system thereby providing a holistic development of the body.

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Health gain from the early childhood period:

As per the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital Children can gain a good mental state which includes the traits of leadership, accountability, teamwork and learning agility. And it is well known how much the role of mental growth in fitness is.

Gain the spirit of teamwork:

By playing with their teammates people will eventually develop the spirit of teamwork. Due to some rules and guidelines of the sport every player has to support others to get it back and be in sync with the whole team following the rules. So, in order to achieve success in the game the whole team is playing while constrained inside the rules and regulations, there are less chances of one team member fighting against the other but rather there are chances for one team member fighting for another team member with the opponent or referee or as the case maybe. This attitude of teamwork helps one to be in a fit mindset and tackle any difficulty as a strong team rather than as an individual.

Mental benefits (fitness) accompanying Physical:

Not only does your body benefit from sports but your mental well-being is also very highly impacted by the sports you play. It helps one cope up with any kind of depression by helping in increasing one's self-confidence and self-perception; and reducing stress and the feeling of pain by helping the body produce the chemicals called endorphins. According to the Sport and Development organization, individuals participating in sports will also be socially well versed and aware of their surroundings.


Each type of sport has some rules and guidelines formulated which imposes some form of discipline on the players of the sport. And in order to be in that frame of the rules the team has to maintain the discipline throughout their training, playing and even after the game is over. That is why many sportsmen remain really very fit even after their retirement. Gain of Self Confidence: Due to high level of energy needed for playing different kind of sports, the thrill of winning a game, the excitement of watching one’s whole team enjoying the success which has been gained through the team’s hard work one gains a lot of Self Confidence, which further helps in developing a good personality. With good personality traits one achieves most of the goals of fitness.

Management of the body shape/ weight:

One can easily maintain the correct BMI (Body mass index) just by playing a sport regularly for a preset time period with correct guidelines. This preset time period is dependent on ones present BMI and the target BMI one is expected to maintain. Now everyone wants to stay fit and in the correct shape but it is really difficult to achieve that if one doesn’t go for any liposuction or diet plans or medications and stuff like that. Medications which are advertised very widely may help in weight loss and in gaining good shape but it may become really dangerous to health. Even if one forgets about the implication of such Medications on one’s pocket still one needs to remember that, there are lots of side effects of the consumption of such medications which are being researched and some have been reported widely in news and research articles.

Well being of the heart and circulatory system:

As most of the sports involve some or the other form of running or jumping and it has been proved that even walking is good for the heart hence the sports help in maintaining a sound heart. Also, we know that most of the diseases arise from the ailment of the heart or the arteries. The oil and fat in the form of cholesterol get accumulated in the arteries which may cause many diseases like high blood pressure (B. P.). Heart diseases may worsen and may cause Coronary heart diseases such as a leak from a blood vessel or ischemic heart disease or a heart stroke which is a major cause of deaths in the United States and India. Diabetes is another leading cause of deaths in India and also is one of the stimulants of heart diseases. Diabetes may lead to renal failure too which may also be fatal.

Coordination, Balance, flexibility and synchronization:

There may be moments in sports such as a sweep shot or a catch out in cricket where it is needed to lose some balance and there may be moments in sports such as slow dancing in the gymnastics or swimming in butterfly style where one needs to be in balance and synchronization. One flexes one’s muscles while doing the sport activity whether it be any sport like skipping, running, playing basketball, cycling or just an indoor game like table tennis. Further one must be in synchronization and coordination with their teammates while playing any sport.

Improvement in the concentration power:

Sportsmen need to be extremely focused in their game in order to win it. And, as we know that sportsmen are very professional people and everyone watches them so they cannot afford to lose their focus from the game. For example, a batsman needs to keep his focus entirely on the ball when he is waiting for the ball to give it a shot. The same applies to any person playing sport but at a lower scale. Meaning that, if one wants to win the game they are playing then they need to keep their entire concentration in the game only.

Endurance and Perseverance:

When a player plays sports they may fail but as they keep on playing they develop a habit of learning from their failures and keep on fighting back and doing new things to ultimately win. This is called Perseverance and this leads to fitness being achieved as the final outcome of all the practice one does while learning. Similarly when one runs a marathon, he/she develops endurance which is a way to develop a fit body.

Note: To be fit and in good shape, we must try and practice the sports which we are comfortable playing.

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