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How Covid has changed our way of travelling

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our lifestyle. Hand sanitisers and face masks have become an integral part of our daily life. The nationwide lockdown and travel restriction had a severe impact on the travel industry due to the absence of tourism and travel. The travel agents are getting popular again and the aviation sector faced huge losses due to the cancellation of flights.

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As the country begins to emerge from lockdown and travel restrictions, the travel industry is looking forward to the new normal. No wonder this pandemic has changed the way we travel as we can see hand sanitisers in place at airport terminals, cabin crew wearing safety PPE kits, and several other restrictions that travellers have to face while travelling.

Here you will find out the major changes that you will notice while travelling post this pandemic that is considered as the “new normal”:

People have discovered the joy of workcations:

Since people were not enjoying working remotely or the work from home mode, many have started combining work with the pleasure of vacations which is working while being on a vacation. Concepts like workation have become a part of this new normal world where work from home has become better with work from vacations. In this way, one can enjoy the leisure hours of vacation while completing official work. The workation mode is also beneficial as it can save many casual leaves applied for travelling.

Covid Safety protocols have become more rigid than ever before:

The health and safety measures while travelling are stricter than pre covid time. With vaccination certificates becoming an important document for entering or exiting the airport terminal many changes are visible regarding safety protocols. The airline companies allow only one bag per person in the check-in and hand baggage and masks have become mandatory for boarding flights. The PPE kits are compulsory for the cabin crew members. The onboard meal options are reduced to a small packet of sandwiches and a bottle of water. The post covid era of travelling is very different from pre covid era.

Hotel accommodations feel different in the post covid era:

Booking hotel stays are so different now as one has to fill detailed forms regarding the accommodation and sign a health declaration form at the reception. The extra supplies of towels, soaps, mini-bar stuff are no longer available due to the safety protocol followed by the hotel management. Sanitisation of the hotel room is a must before every check-in of the guest. Forget those days when you enjoyed lavish complimentary breakfast in the hotels as now you have to order your meals inside the room itself.

The issues in the cruise industry:

The cruise industry is probably the newest entry to the travel industry in our country. With everything coming to a halt, the cruise industry has been impacted too. With tourists avoiding any cruise liner and high maintenance charges of cruise ships, the management of these companies has incurred severe losses in the last financial year. The future of these cruise lines in our country is unpredictable as to whether they will survive to post the covid or not.

Social distancing and technological advancement in the post covid era

The alarming pandemic has affected a lot of ways in which people live and do their daily life activities. Regarding the restrictions of the pandemic people across the globe have started finding numerous procedures to come up with their new way of life. The travel industry is gonna change severely post-pandemic, there are gonna be complete social distancing limitations. The way airports and other modes of transportation function are going to change. The hospitality industry is seeing many technological advancements such as Robot technology as well as the use of mobile phones for most of the functions.

Travelling is more like a necessity rather than leisure post the pandemic:

There are many reasons for people to travel. So after the pandemic, travelling will be contingent upon many factors. People will think many times before travel plans are made. First of all financial conditions, second is it necessary to travel, third is there a way to avoid travel by other solutions such as the use of technology.

Hygiene and social distancing is the top priority for travellers:

The one thing every traveller would look for post-pandemic is going to be hygiene. Sanitation of the entire property and the personal hygiene of the staff is going to be the priority. The rush factor will disappear. People by themselves will obey social distancing and other precautionary measures. Also, the Time to reach Railway or Bus Station or the Airport will be earlier so that all procedures shall be completed before boarding.

A change for at least a decade in the travel industry:

Not only the way we travel, but Covid-19 will also change the way we live for at least decades. Tourist places will be perhaps less crowded and tourism authorities will take stricter actions for ensuring hygiene. Costs may soar high except maybe if the tourism places give enticements to travel. People will start choosing smaller and less crowded places over big metropolises.

It is very much clear that the changes we can observe while travelling are going to exist for a long time. Gone are those days when we used to travel without any sanitisers or face masks as a compulsion. The travel restrictions are going to be a major part of our life as a traveller but all we can do is enjoy the most of our travelling time with all the safety measures and stay safe while on a vacation.

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