Confused in choosing between Gym or Yogasana ? We are making it super easy for you to understand

Gym or yoga confusing for you, what to do? Each has its own benefits, here is the comparison between the two of them. Listen to your body and decide which one will be more beneficial for you.


A gym is a building, club or large room containing types of equipment that are meant for exercise.


Yoga is a combination of physical exercise and breathing techniques that helps the body to rehabilitate internally and externally.


Flexibility is an important part of physical fitness. It improves your body posture, reduces the risk of injuries, it also improves mental health. Flexibility is achieved through stretching and when you stretch you release pain from your body and help your muscles to loosen up. Can you achieve flexibility at the gym? Yes, you can! But yoga will be better for you if you are looking for an overall flexible body, for example, a Downward facing dog (ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA) enables flexibility to the whole body but most importantly the calves and the back.

Age matters

Yoga can be done at any age, every age group from a 6-year child to a 60-year-old person can do yoga, gym cannot be performed at age as it includes weight lifting, running on the treadmill. If you are a young adult you can choose the gym over yoga.

Weight loss

'Weight loss is a personal choice.'

The gym includes rigorous exercise and may give you quicker results compared to yoga, yoga is a slow process. You will achieve results of weight loss from both yoga as well as a gym, but you need to be consistent to achieve your desired goal.

Yoga is effective in all parts of the body.

Gym is effective only in certain parts of the body (if you need to reduce your belly fat your concentration will be on that part of the body).

After practicing yoga you will feel relaxed and fresh After a gym session, you will feel tired as the gym requires a lot of energy. Yoga helps to reduce stress & anxiety Gym doesn't contribute to reducing stress.

Yoga doesn't include any weights. Gym includes weight lifting training with equipment like dumbbells, barbells etc.

Yoga can be inexpensive as it requires just a yoga mat. For a gym, you need a proper setup and would require equipment to workout which can be very expensive.

Exercising is generally good for your overall health, may it be a gym session or yoga, you need to do some physical activity to maintain good health. It is a proven fact that exercising regularly will boost your immune system and in this time the stronger immune system is what we are aiming for.

Yet if you are not able to decide which one to choose, combine gym and yoga this will be a perfect combination for a fitter body and good health.