ADOR LOVESHOTS Conversation on 'Love for Dancing and Music' with Vedika Sharma

Updated: May 11

In episode 14 of ADOR LOVESHOTS, relish this fascinating conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of Ador Dating and Vedika Sharma - Music Player and Dancer

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Please share a brief about you and your journey as a guitar player and your life experience as a part of the same.

I started learning guitar when I was in 5th standard and I used to dread going to classes. But then as I learnt more and more. I found out I really enjoyed doing it. Even after leaving the classes, I still have that feeling of playing on stage again, back when how I used to.

Music requires a lot of dedication, persistence and patience; how do you manage to follow your hobby along with your daily routine?

Since now due to college and classes, I rarely have time to incorporate playing formally. But I do take a few minutes off to brush up.

If you had a chance to spend 1 hour with one professional musician, who would he/she will be?

Probably RM from BTS. I am absolutely in love with how he treats music, and I have a lot to learn from him. I look up to him as an inspiration in my life, and BTS' journey itself has been nothing but a lesson to me.

What are the easiest ways for youth to learn basics of music from comfort of their home/online?

These days, everything is online. There are lots of resources, not only on Youtube but there are a lot of sites which provide the environment and the classes and also even online instruments, which help learning much more easier.

Your Top 3 favourite musicians in India?

In India, I would say Arjit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, AR Rahman.

Fun and Rapid Fire round on ADOR LOVESHOTS

Udit Shah: If you had to choose between performing in front of 100,00 audience or performing with any Bollywood stars - what would you choose?

Vedika: I would choose 100,000 people as my audience. The thrill you get from performing on stage and even if you mess up, you can always give it a go once again!

Udit Shah: Your favourite music form?

Vedika: My favourite music form is Hip-Hop.

Udit Shah: Your favourite musician in your favourite music form?

Vedika: There is Zico and Jay Park, well tough to choose.

Udit Shah: Your most favourite song?

Vedika: My most favourite song would be Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS.

Udit Shah: How a month without performing music would look like for you?

Vedika: A month without performing would be like, I am happy but not content. Like there is something missing in your day, but you can't figure out what.

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