ADOR LOVESHOTS Conversation on 'Journey as an Author, Content Writer' with Sonali Sharma

Updated: May 11

In episode 13 of ADOR LOVESHOTS, enjoy an enchanting conversation between Udit Shah - CEO of ADOR Dating and Sonali Sharma - Author and Content Writer for Startups.

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Please share a brief about you and your journey of growing your passions as an author and content writer for startups.

Since childhood I've always been keen of reading books. I remember the very first thought I had, when I started reading novels or self help books, was that why can't I have my own book on book shelf one day! Also seeing my mother preparing scripts for plays, acts or school events inspired me. (She's Hindi professor and into Hindi and Urdu Literature). And that is how it started. Also being a companion to solitude since my early age, I think I could focus more upon myself. Life has always been of sudden surprises, and we know surprises never fail to surprise us. Having experienced frequent ups and downs, odds in the way, there are few things we need to keep in mind and implement it in daily life, so that when we actually experience the toughest situation, we are ready to face it. Let me share about Small is the New Big, as I grew up, I realized that parents are never wrong. These are the basics of life they try to tell us, but we just let it go. But when we are actually in some problem or situation we realize it. The lessons in the book like kindness, patience, gratitude, and 17 more are small acts which if we implement can lead to great changes in life. All of these are actually inter-related. When we start practicing one, others follow automatically. This book though small, it took me much time to actual bind the book as whole. Observing the things minutely, trying to view life with different angles, life experiences and practical implementation of these and lessons learned through them is what this book says. The idea of this book struck through my mind 2 years ago and since then every day, small and big experiences helped me completing my 2 years journey of Small is the New Big. The other two books I wrote simultaneously, consisting of my own experiences and incidents happened to me, of them A book of 50 poems is a bit sarcasmic pinch to the issues prevailing in society. Later after books switched to professional and academic writing. This made me start my freelance career. And now I mentor individuals who want to start their freelance business or launch their book. I work as a content and copywriter, content strategist and developer for start ups and brands.

Content is base for copy-writing, becoming author as well as content writer and digital marketing. How youth can learn content writing in easy steps online?

There are tons of free courses and E-guides available online. Many creators and many solopreneurs educate people by their experiences and mentoring sessions or webinars. Ample amount of opportunities lie in internet space, it depends how you use technology.

Steps that anyone can follow to launch their book if they have entire concept ready for launch.

Write and re-edit, re-read whether the elements and concepts are aligned, revise your manuscript, edit and proofread, get the draft printed. Read the entire draft, build connection with readers and go for ARC's (advance review campaigns), self publish if you wish to publish your self, or hire a publisher for entire book, production, cover page, formatting, ISBN, etc.

If you had a chance to spend 1 hour with one of your favorite author , who would he/she will be ?

Sudha Murthy Ma'am.

What is your journey in the startups space till now ?

Start-ups make you explore the challenges very closely and experience various phases of a business and a human personality. Personally, I love working with start-ups, being there with them at taking baby steps, planning and strategizing. It's like you see a cocoon turning out to be a fierce butterfly to fly.

Top 3 reasons that every youth must consider working for startups ?

1)You get to be the core part of the team and out grow your personality.

2) Your risk taking chances get higher and you become a better decision maker.

3) Exposure to business ideas, concepts, expansion and initial strategies.

Your Top 3 favorite startups and why you love their work ?

Unacademy, Groww, Razorpay.

As per user experience if one feels satisfied and contented, what else can be the be?

Fun and Rapid Fire Round on ADOR LOVESHOTS

Udit Shah: One book that you suggest all couples to read on their date?

Sonali: Forty rules of love.

Udit Shah: If you had a chance to meet your favorite founder - who would that be?

Sonali: Kiran Mazumder Shaw, Anupam Mittal, Ashneer Grover.

Udit Shah: One author whom you would love to meet and talk about writing?

Sonali: Sudha Murty.

Udit Shah: Your most favorite book and why you absolutely love it?

Sonali: The four agreements, coz it deeply impacted me inside out.

Udit Shah: Which is that One hobby / interest without which you cannot imagine a month ?

Sonali: Practicing Art, Journaling, and learning guitar.

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