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9 ways to impress HER on the first date

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Dates are the best chance for a couple to spend some time together, and the first date is always memorable. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when you are going for your first ever date.

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Be in the best of your attire

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression, your partner may judge you by the clothes you wear. So make sure you are at the best of your attire. Wear according to the taste of your partner, like if your girl is a little soft or shy or basically is an introvert impress her with a classy suit and formal pants and shoes. But if your partner is an extrovert make sure you wear your denim jeans and jacket with sporty shoes. Apply mild perfume. Wearing according to the taste of your partner is important. If possible ask your partner about what attire he/she would like a person to wear on the date. Wear accordingly.

Compliment her

Who doesn’t like to be praised? Tell her she looks beautiful or cute. If she has decided on the place, tell her that it was a great choice. Don’t be too cheesy or flirty while complimenting her, this might leave a negative impression. And never use internet pick up lines on her, she might find that you are just saying it for the sake of it you didn't mean it. Just compliment her once or twice.

Be a gentleman, pull the chair

Like the heroes of Bollywood movies, pull the chair for her to sit, she might consider you a gentleman. These small gestures might not be of great impact for boys but girls notice these small things too.

Behave well with the waiter

This point is not just for impressing your girl but it’s the basic rule of life, which people often forget. Whenever you want to call the waiter, saying excuse me or hello would work. Never show your anger when your food arrives late or don't like the service or food, kindness and polite gesture matter.

Ordering food

Ask her what she wants to eat. But if she is hesitant or too shy to order, order it for her, just ask the preference.

Eating food

Do not talk while chewing your food, it may create a bad impression on her. Talk once you have completely finished chewing your food.

Talk with her, Listen to her

Don’t make your date a boring one. Talk about life, careers, people, friends, family, anything. Listen to her patiently, smile when she talks, address her using her name more often, Nod your head when she talks. Make her feel that she is being heard.

Saying Goodbye

Before parting ways, give her a good warm hug. Thank her for her time, tell her the date was wonderful. And you look forward to hanging out with her. Make sure you accompany her to the exit.

Text after a date

The most important thing that girls like is someone is caring about them. After your date, ask her whether she has reached home safely, did she enjoyed the date, did she felt comfortable or not. This will surely leave a great impact on the person.

These were some basic tips to follow while going out on a date with her. By following the above tips, you will surely win over the heart of your girl ! Happy Dating

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