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7 Proven Ways to keep your body and mind healthy

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

During the pandemic, people are more cautious and take so much care of themselves and their families.

Many of us believe that waking up, eating breakfast, and working for earning money is enough for us to be happy, but this isn't true as we know from our childhood that “Health is Wealth” so we need to be more careful about our health.

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So now the question arises how can we take care of ourselves and our family?

Here are some steps by which you can keep your mind and body both healthy.

1. Exercise Regularly

Try and wake up 1 hour before your usual timings in the morning for eg. If you wake up at 7:00 am now try to wake up at 6:00 am in the first half-hour you can do any kind of physical activity and another half an hour give time to yourself and relax in any form to connect with your inner self. Regular exercise can help us to increase our metabolic rate which will give us energy and stamina and will also help to quickly reduce our weight. As people age, they will tend to get more injuries and pain in their joints, by doing regular exercise they can avoid any of those problems.

2. Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation strengthen our inner soul, it helps us to fight mental disease and yoga gives shape & strength to our body.

3. Avoid junk food

Eating junk food is one of the major reasons for

obesity and chronic diseases, after preventing it or reducing it, we can easily say goodbye to more than 50% of diseases. If you're addicted to it you can cut it gradually by not buying them, if it's not in your refrigerator or shelf then you'll tend to eat fruits and nutritious food.

Always remember the 21 days rule, in just 3 weeks we can change any bad habit to a good one.

4. Less screen time

In the current time period our mental health is going all over the place. Mental and physical health both are associated

with each other like chronic disease can increase the risk of mental illness and stress can increase the chances of diabetes, heart attack,

and stroke. Because of the pandemic, everything from study to work and every little work is shifted online. According to a study, if you are spending your time in nature, with your friends and family you will feel better as compared to if you are spending time and scrolling through social media it majorly affects your mental health. Avoid as much as you can and spend some time in nature, this will help your mind to be at peace.

5. Doing things that you enjoy

According to a fact, if you are not enjoying your work then you will never be able to give 100% to your work.

Many of us do our jobs without enjoying it, we are afraid that if we will leave this job will create financial problems in our lives, but if we learn/ know some skills or we know about our interests, then just by following our passion we can earn more than we expect. When we do what we love then we are going to be happier than ever because now we are earning and simultaneously enjoy what we do. You are the master and you can be one of the best in your city or country in that work. You can reach up to any heights with your work.

6. Laugh Out Loud

As we know “laughter is the best medicine”, it will cure any disease in our body. Don't take too much pressure of life, don't get tensed by small problems just smile and try to find a solution with a happy and calm mind. Laughing releases some hormones like endorphins which make us feel calm and also help in relieving pain.

7. Spend time with your family

Play, go out, travel with friends, help the needy once these small habits play a major role in our lives. Sometimes our brain is seeking happiness in small forms so we should enjoy every moment of life and celebrate every small win.

Give it a try and eventually make them a habit. And don't forget the 21-day rule, you can achieve anything and everything by just following the 21-day rule in your life.

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