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10 Proven Ways to Gain Weight in 30 Days

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Weight has become such an infamous topic for discussion. Gaining weight has become a concern, being underweight leads to improper growth and development in children and also affects teenagers and even young adults. The people who are being underweight are defined as having a BMI(Body Mass Index) less than 18.5.

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So, let’s understand how to gain weight and become healthy at home. There are some superfoods like banana, milk, curd, potato, rice, chickpea, etc. that can be consumed to increase your weight or come back to a balanced diet. Before you start to gain weight, be sure that you are gaining weight by building muscles not accumulating fat.

Eat Healthy Calories

You should eat more calories and also should increase the frequency of your diet. Try to add high-calorie food to your diet. Some of them are Rice, Potatoes, Nuts, dry fruit, and dark chocolate which also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type-2 disease, and stress.

Drink lots of fluids

Drinking protein smoothies and fruit juices can provide calories along with minerals and vitamins. By making a smoothie of yogurt, milk, fruit like banana, strawberries, and peanut butter. You can also add a tablespoon of powder into your smoothie, and be careful of choosing protein powder as all the protein forms available in the market are not pure.

Add Nutritious food to your diet

It is a one-way diet for all problems. It not only helps in gaining weight but also it may help you live longer, boost immunity, strengthen your bones, build muscles, etc. They are low in sugar, starches, bad fats, and sodium. They contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, and your body needs them which are known as micronutrients. They will help your body to be nourished and be healthy.

Start eating Carbohydrates

A person who is eating lots of carbs in their daily diet always has a greater chance to gain weight. The food you should eat consists of carbs like bread, rice, cereals, pasta, potatoes. By eating high carbs, your body will utilize energy from carbs only and all the nutrient food will go out for building your body and gaining weight. It also benefits in reducing appetite without thinking about your favorite food, you can fill your stomach with healthy food. But the long-term effect of a high-carb diet is still not that good; so after you get your desired weight start reducing carbs in your diet.

Don’t be Stagnant

Eating a lot of carbs will also lead to accumulating unwanted fat in your body, to gain a healthy weight you should build your muscle tissue by being active, and activities like jogging, swimming, and all cardio exercises can help you to gain healthy weight.

Do exercise and Yoga

Since you are reading about weight gain or coming into balance to our health, some people think that they should avoid exercises and yoga as they are known to as reducing your weight, they feel like eating anything or everything and lazing around but not do the exercise or asana.

Jogging, asanas, exercise can help in maintaining optimal weight and also building up muscles also some asanas like suryanamaskar, dhanurasana, ardha matsyendrasana help in the overall workout of your body and help muscle building.

Also, try some breathing exercises which do not directly help you to gain weight, but they work indirectly as it releases stress from our mind because it is observed that if the mind is under stress nothing is going to help.

Eat more frequently

If you want to stay in a calorie surplus, it is better to eat five to six times a day. Also, your body can absorb it so we should not be overeating. This is obviously because we want to gain muscle mass not fat.

Lift heavyweights

You should try muscle focusing exercises, and then what is better than lifting weight for building muscles. Exercising daily allows your heart to pump blood effectively and strengthen your body. It also builds some self-confidence, helps to avoid daily life injury in just stretching, improves body endurance, and gives you a fresh look(fights aging).

As it makes your body tough and strong, which also helps you to give the right posture to your body. Lifting weight will also help to distribute the uneven fat accumulated in your body which leads to better flexibility and mobility.

Protein is a must

After doing muscle building, your muscle will tear after lifting weights, and your body needs to fill up those gaps in your muscles. So, without taking enough protein your body takes so much time in building muscles and gaining weight.

You can also take protein from sources like whey protein, but always try to take it naturally as it adds more weight and provides more calories. Protein is easily converted into lean muscle mass as it is essential to gain muscle mass.

Getting enough Sleep

Sleeping makes your body relax and gives time to your body to build & heal muscles. Good sleep increases the appetite of a person which prevents increases in calorie intake. When you are sleep-deprived your metabolism is slower which is also the main reason for increased appetite and gaining weight.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to any result you want, without being consistent in your diet and in your exercise schedule you can’t be able to get the desired result. Being consistent means totally dedicated to your goals, and for gaining weight or losing weight, a day of bad eating can ruin up all your benefits from the previous week's diet.

Take care of whatever you do, do it happily, cheerfully. That would help you to take more charge of yourself. Make sure that your weight is perfect not low weight or high weight but a balanced body. You’ll be able to achieve that it’s not that difficult, you will require determination and then you’ll get your desired results.

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