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Cofounder - Product and Business

MBA in International Business, IIFT ( Top 10 Indian B-schools )

Ex- Consultant in Analytics

Sales, Marketing & Branding Professional

Meditation Lover and Blogger



Partner and Strategy

18+ Global Experience

in Performance Marketing, Web Development, Sales & Marketing

Ex- P&G


Poet, Writer, Literature and Performance Artist



Content & Influencer Marketing

Ex- Social Media Account Management at Sharekhan

BMS from Vivekanand Institute

University of Mumbai - BMS Marketing

Yoga Practitioner, Blogger


Board Member & Advisor

Ex Director - Strategic Sales at LinkedIn India

15+ Years of Experience in organizations like Microsoft, Intel, Wipro

Startup Evangelist


Marathon Runner, Avid Book Reader, Author of Book - Against all Odds





3+ Years Experience in 

Front End and Backend

for products across multiple industries like E-commerce, Dating, Travel,



Advisor at Ador

Founder at Dotcom Infoway

20+ Years of Experience in Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, SEO and Website Development

Angel Investor at Indian Angels Network

A Note  from Founder - Udit Shah

Love is one Universal Language that all of us understand and share. It is not based on our geography, backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, careers, financial status, and past. All Individuals - deep down deserve an unconditional-genuine love full of respect, positivity, and happiness, a long-lasting love instead of flings and transactions. We aim to spread this universal language of love globally with the virtuous roots of kindness, positivity, trust, and happiness.


Ador comes from the word - Adore which stands for Love/Liking with Admiration and Respect. We at Ador aim to enable love among Individuals based on their Personality & Nature instead of looks. We learned that when individuals connect based on personalities, there is higher synchronicity in their interaction. Ador aims to have universal appeal to the Dating Landscape by revamping it from the culture of Swipes based on Looks to more meaningful interaction based on Personalities & Interests.


At Ador, we focus highly on authenticity and conversations. We have used best-in-class tech to build genuine and private spaces for individuals to connect. We are the only Dating App that incentivizes users with badges when they report inappropriate profiles on our app. Ador has content moderators to ban inappropriate images and texts that deplete the app experience.


At Ador, we enable message requests without a match as well, since we want everyone to have one chance to send their connection request. Everyone deserves a chance for conversation before swiping left. Potential relationships should not be based on the probability of getting swiped left or right, instead, they should be based on conversations and interactions.


Finally, we host Inspiring Quotes, Poetry, Facts, Informational Blogs, Ador Loveshots ( Conversation Channel with Influential Leaders ) since we want to create holistic space around enabling relationships. We believe that "Growth in Love" is an imperative aspect for every individual and with our inspiring content we aim to enable love holistically 


So how are we revamping the entire dating landscape at Ador


  • Connect based on Personalities & Interests instead of Looks

  • Get rewarded with badges on Reporting Fake profiles

  • Explore Individuals in 10+ categories in just 2 clicks

  • Get Inspired and develop a growth mindset for your relationships with our Quotes, Facts, Blogs, and Poetries

  • Private and Authentic dating app using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to ban inappropriate texts/ images


So now you don't need wait in order to find your best possible match...

Start sending "Ador" to potential match and Rise in Love with us!

Udit Shah
Founder and CEO at Ador

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